Friday, May 13, 2011

Zanby goes open-source

Photo by Paul Smith

Big news! We announced today at the Open Gov West conference that we're taking Zanby open source. The announcement reads:

As of May 13, 2011, we are releasing the code for our community software platform, the Zanby Enterprise Group Family System, under a GPLv3 license. We are also launching a community to encourage software developers to collaborate with us to evolve and improve the Zanby codebase. We hope you will join us.

Zanby’s business approach, products, and strategy for change are built on the belief that collaboration is a market imperative. As our global problems and opportunities expand in scope to include almost anyone on the planet, the need to collaborate effectively locally and globally, across geography, culture, and organizational and societal boundaries will become ever more urgent. We urgently need to collaborate better and we need to get better at the technology and scale of collaboration.

Read the full announcement


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