Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome SoapBlox to the family

Zanby has a new sibling! A few weeks ago, our sister company Warecorp acquired SoapBlox, a blogging platform and thriving community of storytellers, activists, and citizen journalists.
SoapBlox is a blog platform built to enable online community participation. Not only does it do what Wordpress and Blogger do, but a SoapBlox blog allows community members to easily publish their own content.

Especially popular among political bloggers, SoapBlox powers nearly 150 influential sites like Pam's House Blend, Burnt Orange Report, Minnesota Campaign Report, and the official blogs of many state Democratic parties and progressive organizations. Here's the complete list of SoapBlox sites.

As CEO Chris Dykstra explained on the SoapBlox blog:

We took over hosting and system administration duties from Paul a little over two years ago. Our work with it grew to the point purchasing the platform seemed like a logical extension of our work.  We couldn't be happier to about the development.  It is especially important to us that we keep this community of content creators up and running...
Warecorp, along with its sister organizations, Zanby and The UpTake, works to build more connected, more informed, more sustainable communities. In that regard, SoapBlox is joining an extended family of 80 employees and over 1,000 volunteers with an amazing array of stories to be told. 

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest addition to our family.

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