Friday, April 22, 2011

Equity & Opportunity on Citizens' Minds in King County

How do you feel about the state of equity and economic opportunity in King County? What do those terms mean to you? And what, if anything, should county government do to help address disparities -- along ethnic and economic lines, as well as between urban and rural areas? That's the topic of discussion in the latest round of Countywide Community Forums launched this week in King County, Washington.

Twice a year, this innovative citizen-engagement program invites the public to weigh in on a topic the King County government is wrestling with. At CCF's Zanby-powered website, anyone who lives or works in King County can register as a volunteer Citizen Councilor, watch a brief video overview of the current topic, discuss the topic in a face-to-face meeting or online forum, and take a survey to register your opinion. Survey results are then compiled and presented to county leaders to help them make better decisions about how to shape policy and use the county's scarce resources more effectively.

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