Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Videos from the Coworking Unconference

On March 10, 2011, Chris and Leif were in Austin, Texas, where Global Contribution, Zanby and The UpTake sponsored the livestream of the first-ever U.S. Coworking Unconference, an inspiring gathering of entrepreneurs and community organizers who are reinventing the way we work. Thanks to Anna Thomas and the LooseCubes crew for organizing such a great gathering.

Here are archived videos of some of the sessions. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the archiving of the livestream, and we didn't get everything on tape. These are all the sessions we were able to retrieve and upload from tape. To embed them on your own blog, just click "Share" at the bottom right of the video player to copy the embed code.

Keynote: Coworking And The Future of Everything (16:22)
Tony Bacigalupo, cofounder of New Work City

Watch live streaming video from theuptake2 at livestream.com

Note: Our tape ran out about a minute before the end of Tony's talk. He's planning to record a dramatic reenactment of his grand finale, which we'll post here and on the Livestream channel.

Breakout: Space Owner Success Stories, Or... Things I Wish I Knew
Moderated by Susan Evans of Office Nomads and Andy Stoll

Part 1 (42:50)

Part 2 (12:47)

Closing Panel: George Jetson is My Coworker - The Roles of Coworking Beyond Tomorrow
Alex Hillman (mod), Julian Nachtigal, Angel Kwiatkowski, Jacob Sayles, Neal Gorenflo, Steve King

Part 1 (34:43)

Part 2 (12:35)

Again, all these videos are all embeddable, should you want to post them to your own blogs. Just click "Share" at bottom right on any of the above video players.

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