Friday, January 12, 2007

Zanby Search techniques

Zanby has a couple of large families of groups, now. From Cafe Press groups (website), to the DFL Links to America for Richardson groups (website), Zanby is supporting a really wide variety of interests and people.

Some of you have written and asked how you can structure a search query from zanby to direct users to a specific set of search results. Try this:

Where yourkeyword = your group's special tag or keyword. For example, the DFL Links uses

to direct users to the right set of search results.

The 32 Richardson Groups uses

If you want to add more search words, you can just enter more & search words. can access the XML feed:

The request looks like:

Where "searchkeyword" is the tag / groupname / etc. that you want to search for. The result is a simple XML file that provides the name of the group, the host, next event info, the location of the group (city / state/ zipcode), the group description, how many members there are in the group, and a link to the group page.

The groups are sorted by region.

Here are some sample feeds:

Bill Richardson Groups

Cafe Press

Cafe Press

Happy organizing...



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