Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alpha 1.6

We released Alpha 1.6 this week. It has a number of important upgrades.

The highlights:
  • Group Email is now fully functional.
  • Group Hosts now have the option of inviting all the members of their groups at once
  • Invitations can be sent from the group email address or the user's personal account.
  • Meta data is automatically generated out of group descriptions and tags placed on group pages.
  • Time zones are standardized and behavior was made consistent for all events and event display. This is going to be really important when we introduce the Events section
  • An "Expired Events" queue was added to the calendar. Any event that is past will automatically be moved into the expired events queue, where it will be deactivated. From there, users can edit the event to make it live again or it can be deleted.
Development will speed up in the next few months as we have added developers to the crew. The application and the community will twist into focus and we will move to beta. As always, email questions to



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