Friday, August 25, 2006

Release Notes to Zanby Beta 1.2


Zanby beta release 1.2 improves and stabilizes core functionality, particularly around time consistency and event publication. Additionally, functionality was added that will enhance the ability of group hosts to communicate group events to the public at large.

Below is a summary of enhancements made in this release.

What’s new

  • We added two additional categories of groups at users’ request: “Other” and “Family and Children.”
  • We eliminated a VERY annoying bug that caused a circular registration workflow in Safari on the Mac.
  • A "Join Group" button was added to group summary pages to provide an easy way for people to join.

  • Group hosts may now choose to make all, some or no event public. If a host publishes a public event, unregistered users may navigate to the event detail through the unregistered version of Zanby.
  • It is now possible for invited guests to RSVP to a Zanby event without logging in or registering with Zanby. Guests are issues a unique URL with the invitation, which serves as the event and guest identifier. When a guest clicks on the URL they are directed to an event page, where they may RSVP and participate in pre-event preparations.
  • Events now retain guest list information. If an event expires, the organizer may now “recycle” the event by changing the date and sending it out again.
  • The reminder system has been upgraded to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • If the host cancels an event, cancellation notices will now be sent to the guest list.
  • Zanby’s calendar has been upgraded to ensure consistency and accuracy when translating event times to different timezones, and to account for daylight savings times where appropriate.
  • Events can now be deleted from personal calendars
  • Users can now contact event organizers directly through the “Contact Event Organizer” link on event summaries and detail pages.

Thank you for using Zanby. Please contact us at with any comments and suggestions. We look forward to continuing to serve you as we develop the tool and the community.


The Zanby Development Team



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