Friday, June 02, 2006

And the new name is...

I am pumped to have the new name chosen and the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" in plain site. I like the new name and like the new look. I also genuinely feel that the Zanby fits our maturing application better and more broadly than G---eroo. So onward and upward! Anyway, leading brand experts say Zanby is Zan-tastic.

This afternoon, we released the following message to our readers:

Dear G---eroo member:

G---eroo will be changing its name to Zanby.

For the last nine months we have been attempting to resolve a
trademark dispute with Gather incorporated. Though we strongly feel
that we are not in conflict with their name, pursuing this issue to
completion in the courts is a very costly proposition. We feel the
Gatheroo community is better served by our directing our time, energy
and money towards building a better application, and frankly, a better
world, rather than fighting with some other company in the courts. We
have, therefore, made the difficult decision to change our name.

Next week, will become

Zanby continues to be focused on providing the best tools for managing
your community activities. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.
This is no different. We hope we have chosen our new name with an eye
towards describing a vital, growing community of people who are
connected with each other online and in real life. We also wanted to
come up with something as fun and catchy as G---eroo. All things
considered, we think Zanby fits the bill.

What's a zanby? As far as we know, Zanby is a made up word that means
"A website that supports self organizing." Our attorneys think Zanby
is a good, clean name. Chris's 13-year old son thinks it's
"zan-tastic." That was the real kicker.Thanks so much for using
Gatheroo - soon to be Zanby.

All our best,

Chris, Mike, Lee, Laura and the G---eroo (Zanby)
development team



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