Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A rock concert, a play, a tour - anywhere where people gather

I was talking via my friend and co-blogger Chuck Olsen, who runs a really cool site called MNSpeak with Rex. MNSpeak is a massive blog and event/blog aggregator. Zanby promises to be one of the world's finest works of organizational and social software based on the principles of folksonomy.

Though the impetus for Zanby was political, that is we wanted to provide a free platform for grassroots organizing, the outcome is much larger. There is probably a lot of room to provide the ability to schedule, tag, list, and form online and online affiliations in a community like MNSpeak or City Pages for that matter, which took note of Zanby yesterday.

Barring the day we actually plug an RSS feed directly into our brains, managing our ever expanding circles of community through filters like Zanby will be as common as sending an email is today.


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